Water sustains us all

We strive to be a supplier of choice to discerning customers! Supplying reliable, economical, safe water products from ethically sourced, natural catchment water. We also supply bottled Natural Spring Water products.

The opportunity

Water Supplies & Services (WS&S) supplies a range of safe, quality, mineralized and alkaline prepared water. All water is provided from 100% Australian ethically sustainable sources, in bottle or bulk at very competitive pricing. WS&S has the following range of water products currently available:

  • Australian Made logo, green triangle with an orange kangaroo inside itMineralized water supplied in bulk
  • Alkaline water supplied in bulk
  • Natural Spring water supplied bottled

If you are looking for a partner to supply ongoing longer-term contracts of significant volumes of quality water products, then look no further than WS&S.

Quality and compliance

Water products supplied by WS&S are typically certified as compliant with:

  • The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG)

Packaging – Bottled and bulk

Our natural spring water products are available in typical container sizes (350-600ml, 1.0 Litre, 1.5 litre) or can be customised to your requirements. We can also facilitate packaging and labelling to suit your specifications. All customisations subject to minimum quantities.

The greatest economic value is in WS&S supplying our water products in +24,000 litre food grade ISO or bladder containers in accordance with Food Quality Shipping Container Guidelines to the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry’s Container Certification Requirements.

Clean safe pure drinking water in bulk delivery

WS&S supplies bulk water products in +24,000 litre lots utilizing Multi-use ISO tanks or food grade bladder containers. This provides you, the customer with the choice to either:

  • access the water directly from the delivery module to re-sell in bulk; or
  • decant into containers of your choosing i.e. hand bottles, 20 litre containers, other options to suit your market requirements.

The supply contract with WS&S is individually tailored to address the needs of your market. At WS&S we listen to our customers ensuring the highest standard of satisfaction from ordering to product delivery.

Product and packaging at prices that encourage resale and bulk purchases.

Water Sales and Services Bottled Product

a large bottle of Clear Mountain water next to a small bottle of Clear Mountain water