Clear Mountain – A Division of Water Supplies and Services

At Clear Mountain we choose to respect and protect our environment by sustainably harvesting our water from streams, springs, and waterways flowing from the mountains within Australia’s Great Dividing Range. The water is uniquely flavoured, and enriched, by the natural minerals and elements it encounters on its journey. After harvesting, it is stored in reservoirs awaiting treatment of the highest standards for you.

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Clear Mountain is passionate about bringing you only premium and affordable water-based health supplements. Clear Mountain’s health supplement ‘Smart Waters’ are processed to the highest standards, providing unique subtle wholesome textures and flavours.

Our world class Smart Alkaline Water is a premium product that delivers to you, the consumer, a host of benefits, such as the ability to rehydrate and energise more quickly after physical exertion. It will protect you from acid produced by the body in times of stress, or insufficient dietary requirements. It offers an exceptionally subtle clean taste, with a gentle silky texture on the palate.

Smart Mineralized Water is a health supplement that provides you with multiple benefits including bone and digestive health; helps lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol; supports heart health, and much more. It provides a full-bodied complex range of flavours befitting a water of this quality.

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